Overview of
Pre-Kindergarten Early Learning Program

  • Licensed by the Ministry of Education
  • 2 mornings/ week for children 2.5 – 5 years
  • Early Childhood Educators who are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators, a regulating body that sets and monitors professional standards
  • Staffed by trained and experienced early childhood professionals
  • Provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment where children have time to play and explore
  • Nutritious and freshly prepared snacks
Ilderton Pre-Kindergarten Early Learning Program (PELP)

(Ages 2.5 – 5 years)

Wilfrid Jury Pre-Kindergarten Early Learning Program (PELP)

(Ages 2.5 – 5 years)

A Place where Children and Educators Discover and Learn Together

Our educators view every child as competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. They rejoice in the children’s excitement and enthusiasm for learning and join them in their play and exploration, follow their lead and acknowledge their interests. Our educators listen closely to the children and strong bonds are formed as they share in the children’s curiosity about their world, engage in their conversations and respond to their ideas and questions. Children and educators discover and learn together.

A Place where Children can Play, Explore and be Healthy

Our indoor and outdoor environments invite children to safely learn through play and exploration and build on their strengths using their minds, bodies and all their senses. Educators provide opportunities for healthy physical activity and long periods of uninterrupted play, exploration and learning. They provide a wealth of natural, real and play materials that encourage children to be creative and curious, work together and interact with nature. Materials are added to the environment to support the children’s interests and expand on the learning and exploration. Healthy snacks are provided and snack times are relaxed and positive.

A Place where Families Experience a Sense of Belonging

Our environments welcome families and invite them to participate as they feel comfortable. Ongoing engagement and communication between educators and families supports the well-being of children, gives families a sense of belonging and builds positive relationships. Communication takes many forms in order to support the diverse needs of families. Himama, a web-based interactive communication tool, gives educators and families the opportunity to share in the children’s learning & daily experiences and the “remind” app is used to provide timely information to families such as inclement weather closures.

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“My daughter has gone there since she was 1 and I think I can say we’ve not had one complaint.”
Parent • Testimonial
“We have a little girl with special needs and we know that the staff and other students at Whitehills have helped prepare her for full integration to school next year. They are forever a part of our family. 
Thank you.”
Parent • Testimonial
“I feel confident in knowing that when I drop my son off at the program that he is participating in a welcoming, organized, safe and productive setting.”
Parent • Testimonial