About Whitehills


We help children develop to their full potential through the provision of quality child care and early learning environments, and through partnerships with families and communities.


To become a leader in the provision and coordination of services and programs that support children and families in our communities, and to share our skills and expertise in partnership with others.

Our Core Values

We believe that: W.E. R.O.C.K.


Working together enables us to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families.


Empathy is essential in creating a community where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, included and supported.


Relationships are fostered when we interact in a caring, encouraging, honest and open manner.


Open communication is respectful and values all ideas and perspectives.


Continuous improvement in programming, life-long learning and fiscal responsibility gives us the courage to be leaders, willing to adapt and be creative.


Knowledgeable, responsive early childhood professionals contribute to the fundamental well-being of children and families.

“I just wanted to give some feedback about the Himama program that you’ve started. I am a big fan of anything digital. I feel that things don’t get lost that way and I am always able to access reports from anywhere. When my wife picks up T, I am able to see the report at the exact time she does. Even if I am away from home, I can still see the report. It really keeps E and I in the loop with T’s day.”

Parent • Testimony
“R and I have been loving Himama!  It is an instant way to see what P is up to in her classroom, and see real time photos and activities that are going on with P.  I really enjoy seeing the e-mails about P’s progress and especially what she has ate, napped.  It is a truly interactive experience. I have also had her Nana and Papa sign up to receive her alerts, which has brought joy to them as well.”
Parent • Testimony
“We have a little girl with special needs and we know that the staff and other students at Whitehills have helped prepare her for full integration to school next year. They are forever a part of our family. 
Thank you.” 
Parent • Testimony
“Working at Whitehills Childcare Association has been an incredible experience for me. It has helped me become more confident in myself personally and as an Early Childhood Educator. I have been able to radically change my program’s environment, making a difference in the children’s well-being and their ability to explore their imaginations and creativity.”
Whitehills Childcare’s Registered Early Childhood Educator • Testimony